Why Getting Government Jobs is not easy ?

In present competitive environment every person seeking his dream job .Government sector is one of the preferable choice among all prospective job seekers.

It attracts them more than other sectors because of having qualities like reliability, security and good pay scales. But most of the candidates are always in dilemma that how to grab perfect opportunity which suits his skills and his educational background .In past Rozgaar Samachar(A weekly employment newspaper )is only medium for searching jobs but its infrequent and delay in distribution made it unpopular among job seekers . Sarkari Naukri


World is changing very drastically every day new invention taking place and proving his importance, Internet is also one of the biggest invention which shows his importance in every aspects. Today lots of job awareness portals are available on internet which helps job seekers in searching and applying jobs . Job searching and grabbing particular opportunity are collective approach which passes through the following steps :
Criteria and eligibility
First step starts with searching phase and concludes with applying. In searching phase you have to know what are your skills and what type of jobs are suitable for you because if you are not comfortable with your job you will not give 100% to it. Every job is published with his particular advertisement containing all detail about job (qualification, essential qualification, no. of posts, age and lots of other) and selection procedure. So ensure yourself are you eligible for that particular job or not?
Finding pattern to crack hurdles of selection procedures
Lots of candidates are normally applying for one post so it is your responsibility to make yourself best among all. Making Strategy, time management and hardwork are the keys which makes you unique in clusters. Recognition of pattern of selection is most important phase because after recognising the pattern it is easy to improve your deterioration .Observation and collection of knowledge about subject are essential part for recognition of any kind of pattern once you perfectly follows the pattern you will easily find the way to crack it.
Make yourself ready to beat competition
After improving weak points just search and find the new ideas to beat the competition by following different blogs and social networking sites. In present social networking is became one of the best medium to gather information share your views about any particular subject .
Face to face competition
Speaking ability of person is more important than writing ability so interview is the most important and key feature of selection. In interview interviewer is trying to check mental ability and knowledge of the person so during interview eye contact ,body language and gestures of face are very important .

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