Gold Current Rate Today in India According to Gram, Per Tola & Carat

Gold Current Rate

Today we are here providing you current gold rate according to Gram, Per Tola & Carat. All over the world India is the second largest country who trades this precious metal. It is only the gold which increases the beauty of women. Every woman wants to buy more and more gold. Gold is a fixed asset that’s why every individual want to invest in gold. Prices of gold fluctuate day by day. It may be increase and decrease according to Sensex.

In India gold is calculated in per ounce, gram, kilogram and tola and for the most common karats. Gold is a type of investment. Every people desire to invest in gold to secure to life for future miss happenings. Gold has been widely used throughout the world as money. Today gold price in India is 29,202 rupees per 10 grams.

Today Current Gold Rate

Gold price in India varies across different states/cities due to various local market factors like state government taxes, policies and availability. Recently prices of gold increases due to excise tax imposed by government. Government has increased excise tax on importing of gold from other country.

Today gold price in India for 24 carat, 22 carat and 18 carat gold given in Indian rupees


Details of Current Gold Rate

24 Carat Gold Price 22 Carat Gold Price  18 Carat Gold Price 
2,920 gold prices per gram 2,677 gold prices per gram  2,190 gold prices per gram 
29,202 gold prices per 10 grams 267,690 gold prices per 100 grams  21,902 gold prices per 10 grams 
292,020 gold prices per 100 grams 2,676,900 gold prices per kg  219,020 gold prices per 100 grams 
2,920,200 gold prices per kg 75,889 gold prices per ounce  2,190,200 gold prices per kg 
82,786 gold prices per ounce 75,889 gold prices per ounce  62,091 gold prices per ounce 
1 ounce = 28.3495 grams

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