How to Write Fee Concession Application in Perfect Way

How to Write Fee Concession Application in Perfect Way

Content of this letter depends on each particular situation but the most important element of this letter is the signed consent by the administration allowing the employee(s) to conduct a research in the market. It doesn’t matter how old are you or how expert you are because learning never ends. For this purpose, companies and organizations around the world have a process of conducting different kinds of career development opportunities for their employees.

As you write your letter be keenly in observing your explanation and information inside.Since you are writing this for a family member you can be more casual and doesn`t have to use too much formal words. But be nice,sweet and respectful with your letter. You need to get the layout correct. The best way is to follow the MLA guidelines. This means having the date at the very top aligned to the right. Then press the space bar twice; include the address of the school you are applying to.

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Once more press the space bar twice and align back to the left. To start any formal letter you need an appropriate greeting.The best for a letter such as this is to address the person as ‘Dear’ and then put their full name. You should then start the main body of your letter by outlining the purpose of why you are writing it. The second paragraph should help back up this is best done by drawing on previous qualifications, outstanding behaviour or attendance records. Your closing paragraph is also crucial, as it acts as the last impression left by you. You should close a  letter by highlighting your most positive qualities .


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Date: dd/mm/yy


The Principal,

College/School Name…


Subject: Application for Grant of Fee Concession


Most respectfully, I beg to state that I am studying in (class name…) of your college/school. I passed (which class) and achieve (which place) in all the sections. My father is a Gove. service holder (Father job position). He is not able to support our whole family by his salary. My grandparents also depend on him. My another two sister are studying in your institute. In this situation he is not in a position to pay my fees .

In this circumstances, kindly grant me full fee concession, otherwise I will not be in a position to continue my studies further. Please consider my problems sympathetically.

Your most obediently,



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