CLAT Previous Year Question Paper Download Pdf & Study Material

CLAT Previous Year Question Paper

CLAT is the Common Law Admission Test which is conducted by National Law Universities (NLUs). Aspirants who are going to participate in exam they may get CLAT Previous Year Question Paper from this page. Candidates can check CLAT Previous Year Question Paper from this page and they need to keep visit this page regularly for more updates. You may also download the CLAT Previous Year Question Paper in PDF form through online mode. Go through steps that are well stated below to get it from official website.

Common Law Admission Test is All India Entrance Test that is conducted by 17 National Law Universities on rotation basis. On basis of marks in this test students can take admission in to Under-Graduate and Post-Graduate degree programmes.

Here in the below section of the page of candidates check the all CLAT Previous Year Question Paper and start their preparation according to this type of question. So candidates need to scroll down the below section of this page.

CLAT Previous Year Question Paper Information:

Name of Organization National Law Universities
Date of Exam May 2017
Category Previous Year papers

CLAT Exam Pattern

For UG Exam Pattern:


Subjects Marks Duration
Legal aptitude 50 2 Hours
Logical reasoning 40
English 40
General knowledge 50
Elementary mathematics 20
Total 200


For PG Exam Pattern:


Subject No of question Duration
Constitutional Law 150 2 hrs
Contract, Torts
Criminal Law
International Law etc


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CLAT Previous Year Paper Questions & Answers

Pick out the most effective word(s) from the given words to fill in the blank to make the sentence meaningfully complete.

1 ) We had to pay more taxi fare because the driver brought us by a …… route.

  1. a)    circular
  2. b)    circumscribed
  3. c)    longest
  4. d)    circuitous

Ans-1) d

2) He was accused …… stealing his aunt’s necklace.

  1. a)    for
  2. b)    with
  3. c)    of
  4. d)    on

Ans-2) c

3) He knew everything better than anybody else, and it was an affront to his …… vanity that you should disagree with him.

  1. a)    overstrung
  2. b)    overweening
  3. c)    overwhelming
  4. d)    overwrought

Ans-3) a

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4) It’s very kind of you to …… to speak at the meeting.

  1. a)    accept
  2. b)    agree
  3. c)    comply
  4. d)    concur

Ans-4) b

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 5) Pakistan lost a …… wicket just when they seemed to be doing so well, and that led to their eventual defeat.

  1. a)    critical
  2. b)    crucial
  3. c)    sensitive
  4. d)    providential

Ans-5) b

6 ) Sita’s heart …… at the sight of the beautiful diamond necklace.

  1. a)    leapt
  2. b)    stopped
  3. c)    slowed
  4. d)    ran

Ans-6) a

7 ) He lives near a lovely …… of countryside.

  1. a)    length
  2. b)    piece
  3. c)    section
  4. d)    stretch

Ans-7) d

8) Ambition is one of those ……which are never satisfied.

  1. a)    ideas
  2. b)    fancies
  3. c)    passions
  4. d)    feeds

Ans-8) c


9) He is a person of sound character and …… disposition.

  1. a)    beneficent
  2. b)    morous
  3. c)    amiable
  4. d)    amicable

Ans-9) c


10 )If I take a state roadways bus, I’ll get late, …… ?

  1. a)    isn’t it
  2. b)    won’t I
  3. c)    will I
  4. d)    is it

Ans-10) b
11) In high school many of us never realised the importance that grammar would …… in later life.

  1. a)    figure
  2. b)    portray
  3. c)    play
  4. d)    exercise

Ans-11) c

12)  In a changing and …… unstructured business environment, creativity and innovation are being …… demanded of executives.

  1. a)    highly, extremely
  2. b)    progressively, increasingly
  3. c)    increasingly, moderately
  4. d)    excessively, rapidly

Ans-12) b

13) On account of the dearth of grass on the arid plains the cattle became ……

  1. a)    flippant
  2. b)    jubilant
  3. c)    agitated
  4. d)    emaciated


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